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practice and lots of patience----Bass are fun to catch and can be hard to pattern......but they love plastics, topwater and crankbaits....colors of lure to use verys from lake to lake....Green Pumpkin is always a go to color on many lakes int eh region....good luck and hope you and your son have fun fishing and hope you catch a lot......let us know how you do..and hteres a lot of great information on the site.....

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don't know how much of a novice you are, but the first thing i'd tell you if you're starting from scratch is the KISS theory (keep it simple stoopid, no disrespect intended)


tackle wise, start out with a few basic bass lures that cover all water...top, middle and bottom, as bass move according to conditions. a couple poppers or chuggers for topwater, crank baits and spinner baits for mid-range, jigs and plastics for the bottom....altho some mid-range baits can be used on the bottom and some plastics can be pulled mid-range...i'm just trying to keep it basic. in otherwords...you don't need one of every lure on the market to catch bass.


next, learn about structure and cover as bass almost always relate to one or the other or both. and also, find out what the forage base might be in the lake you're fishing, and "match the hatch", or...try to mimic what they're feeding on.


do your homework...there's so much information on the internet about bass and lures and techniques you can spend all your time between trips learning the how's where's and what's about bass fishing, and then you can refer to forums like this to get tips on what's working in your area.


the only other thing you'll need is luck, and i wish you and your boy lot's of it.

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First of all, welcome to the site! Secondly, glad you're taking the initiative to get your son out fishing, time spent on the water is priceless. What area of the state are you located in? Before I got my boat I did a lot of bank fishing in ponds, small lakes, and bigger lakes and one of the best lures I had for bank fishing was a weightless senko. They can be pitched to cover, drug along the bottom, or fished faster mid range and even on top. Was a real good way to catch em.

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With your proximity to dale hollow, I suggest going on up hwy 111 to Sunset marina or lillydale area and bank fish if you dont have a boat. Start with live bait and get him hooked on catching fish first. Then progress to small 1/8 oz jigs in green pumpkin or black & blue around docks & brush piles. This time of year, its also good to throw a spinnerbait and topwater on Dale Hollow. Good luck & let us know how you guys do.

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