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Site Tourney - Boone Lake 10/9/10


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Lake: Boone Lake

Date: 10-9-10

Time: Safe Light to 3:30PM

Launch Site: TVA Ramp

Entry Fee: $40 per boat

There will be a drawing for take off as well as weigh-in order for this event.

Please Post if you plan on fishing!

Committed Boats attending:

Mountainman & Julio El Stumpo

SteeleCreek1& Alex H




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LOL....Ive got the excuses covered guys when I want to take off....most of us fishermen are awful good at that!!! BUT....there is a fall festival in Rogersville that day, and I have to work it. I only have to work around 4 saturdays a year and the first 2 weekends in Oct are 2 of them. Stinks!!! Id really like to come out and fish with you guys!

and take ya'lls money! :moon:

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Dale, tell them you have a bad case of Octa-recta-itious. When they ask you what that is you tell them "a nerve in your eye got crossed up with a nerve in your butt and has given you a Shi--y outlook on life and you need a day off to get it corrected........... :unsure::blink::blink:

Sadly, that wouldnt be a total lie, Softy. Hes had his head up his A$$ as long as ive known him. Thats part of the reason its become so large lately..... :smoochie:

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So your fishing this one with us? :scratch:

don't think so Jeff..as of right now we aren't...momma has a business meeting scheldued at church on that day :(..

most all our weekends are tied up with church events...we try and make to the launch of a few of them....

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