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EPA decision on E15 expected soon

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:51 pm • Rate Post


Boating Industry

Tuesday September 21, 2010

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WASHINGTON — After several delays to allow for more scientific testing, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to make a decision shortly on a waiver petition to allow ethanol levels of up to 15 percent in gasoline sold in the United States.

A decision by the EPA is expected later this month or early next month, according to a release from the National Marine Manufacturer's Association.

NMMA says that reports indicate EPA may grant a “partial waiver” for some on-road vehicles only — meaning E15 would be approved for use in cars of certain model years, but not any marine engines.

"While we would be pleased that this scenario would exclude marine, we remain concerned about the risk of misfueling for boaters once E15 becomes available at gas stations," NMMA spokeswoman Christine Pomorski said in a statement. "We are also concerned that E15 will be marketed as a less expensive regular-grade fuel, while E10 will be available in premium grade gasoline. As consumers make fuel decisions primarily based on price, this increases the risk of misfueling."

NMMA, the Marine Retailers Association of America and a group of concerned businesses known as the “Say NO to Untested E15” coalition are encouraging boaters to write an e-mail to President Obama requesting that he urge the EPA to test all gasoline-powered engines, including marine engines, before allowing E15 into the marketplace.



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All I can tell everyone is if you don't want you boat motors blown up of have them in for constant repairs or be forced to purchase new motors designed for the increase with going 4 stroke you better take time away for posting here and sit down and wtite your Congres people and your Senators and express how you feel and tell them no to E15 fuels. Remind them of how easy they can be replaced with someone new come election time. Someoen asked how come this issue keeps coming back. It keeps coming back because the Moonshiners making the garbage keep making close door pay offs the people in the EPA. As far as I'm concerned the EPA and it's employees are a major waste of taxpayer dollars and a bigger waste of AIR they breath. Money talks and Bull Crap walks and the Moonshiners got the money. :mad::mad: I have made up my mind that is ethanol blows up my motor I will sue the EPA, The Moonshiners and the President of the United states for not having control of his monkeys under his command.

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