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Fellas This will complete the trail for 2013. Some of you only need 1 to qualify for the classic and those of you that have 3 under your belt can fish this one and buy in to the classic. As of now we have a pretty good pot for the classic. The qualified members will vote on a location after this one concludes. We hope to see you guys out there. Let's try to finish off the season with our biggest tournament of the year. There were some big bags of fish weighed in at this one last year. It will be December 14th out of the 25E ramp. We will blast at safe light which should be right around 7. You will need to be signed up by 6:45 and have your live wells checked. We will stop sign-up at 6:45 to get everyone out on time. Even if you aren't sure you can make it please go ahead and sign up on this thread. It helps us with boat counts and blast-off numbers. Thanks and we hope to see all you guys there.

1. MtCarmelTriton & MWBrand
2. Blindhawg & stratos186
3. JoeP & rebels20
4. Mountainman & Stratos20
5. tobybol & donnieshvac
6. CrankDB & Z521 Ranger
7. BulletDeuce & PromaX
8. Fishman & Jigman
9. Trackertxw175 & fisherman1488
10. Stratos260 & partner
11. boonebandit122650 & Chuck
12. HDHOPPY & tnsmallmouth
13. fishhook & blkbullet
14. Alumacarp09 & cheetah166
15. emtwhetsel & partner
16. pointer & partner
17. Mayle & Hobbs
18. GlitterRocket & lunkersox3815
19. fisherman1989 & partner

20. Triton196 & Stratos Rocket

21. Peck & partner

22. Pitch&Flip  & brother

23. Benfishin423 and kpt21x3

24. jaybo2728 & partner


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I was told he was dreading having to go back to training you on catching fish after fishing with Brad. Just saying.............They did have a little over 17 1/2 lbs. :poke:  :poke::potstir:  :potstir:  


I heard the reason they were able to keep 18 lbs alive in the well is cuz Brad locked the lids to keep Brandon from going Eskimo & eating the fish outta there. Im gonna have to install me some lid locks on the wells......

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