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Are there any predator hunters on the site?


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Hey guys, I've been looking at getting into coyote hunting and I had a few questions from anybody that has any experience with hunting them.

I've got a savage model 10 in 243 that I got for my daughter to hunt with when she gets older. I was wondering if this overkill.

Has anybody been around the Savage Axis rifles any? I came across a great deal on one in .223 I've heard a ton of mixed reviews about them great and horrible. Any input you guys from the site could give me on these would be greatly appreciated. I realize it's a lower end gun but I'm not gonna buy junk.

Last question is what is a good electronic caller. There are also a ton of mixed reviews in these also.

Thanks in advance for your input

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The 243 is not overkill. They make great 6mm varmit bullets for them and you can always slide a 95 grain in it for deer. I have some 70 grain Noslers loaded now. If you get up this way, I would gladly give you a few to try.... And I don't know anything about an axis other than they are cheap...

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I hunted them in SC. Pretty much anything you want to shoot them with rifle wise will work. I've hunted with 22mag, 270, 30.06, and 223. Always carry a shotgun for when they get in too close. I used a cheap electronic call... Seems like it was a Knight/Hale? I gave it to my partner when I left. Also used a mouth rabbit call. If you're where they don't get hunted, they'll come to pretty much any call as long as it's realistic. They have great noses and try to come in downwind if possible. Camo is a must in most cases... I've done it in jeans but I was sitting flat on the ground.

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I agree with Mountainman. Shoot every one you see with whatever you have handy. I have shot them with a .22 (does the job when you hit them in the noggin), .17 HMR, .243, 7MM, and the trust old 30-30. A 12 gauge loaded with that Hevi Shot turkey ammo will absolutely roll them too. As far as the Savage goes, I have no experience with it, but even the cheapest rifles these days will shoot exponentially better than even the best, most expensive rifles from not that many years ago. Advances in machining have created rifles like the Remington 783 and Ruger American that you can realistically get in the $300 range, and will shoot groups that are obscenely small.


Somebody mentioned having a shotgun for close shots. I was deer hunting just after a pouring rain a few weeks ago (kind of off topic, but I always seem to see a lot of coyotes after a major rain). I was hunting off the ground in a big thicket overlooking a couple of fields and the intersection of 2 big trails, and figured on a 100-150 yard shot, so like an idiot I dialed the scope up to around 6X. I hadn't been on stand 10 minutes when I looked to my right, and literally less than 20 feet away was the biggest coyote I have ever seen in my life, just staring at me. I grabbed my rifle but couldn't find him in the scope. He started walking up the hill, got a big pine tree between us, and managed to keep some kind of tree or brush between us until he was out of sight. I watched him for 200 yards and never got a shot. They are the smartest SOB's on earth (considerably smarter than some people I know haha).

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