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TX Results - Boone 10/9/10

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What a sucky day....nuff said....

Congrats to Xpressman with the WIN!!!

Congrats to Fishman and Larry the Cable Guy on 2nd!!

Congrats to Fishman for Big Fish honors as well....

1) Xpressman - 2 - 4.55

2) Fishman & LCG - 1 - 3.15

3) Mountainman & El Stumpo - 1 - 2.85

4) bronzebackhunter - 1 - 2.55

5) Steelecreek1 & AlexH - 1 - 1.90

6) Alumacraft09 - 0 - 0

7) SJK & jig6059 - 0 - 0

Everyone needs to get ready for the next TX on 11/6/10...headbang.gif

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Yeah, it was tough out there today. I was all over them this morning in the fog, boating my keeper, catching another short smallie and losing 2 keepers that came off. Then I did not get another bite till about 1:30 on a jerkbait and lost a 4lb smallie at the boat. That sunshine and warm weather def put a hurting on the fishing right now. Give me 60 and clouds any day.

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They were biting ok yesterday....the problem is we fished todaylaugh.gif

Flannagan is the exact same way...if you catch fish today then don't expect to catch anything for a couple days...its been like that for years....go figure :scratch:

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:wavesmile: Thanks guys that was a brutal day but I really enjoyed meeting and seeing you fellers again. :notworthy: Even thought what was really brutal was listening to Fishman tell about his colonoscopy this morning before daylight :D:poke: That win was for my little buddy Steve who past away suddenly a year and a half ago .He was my pardner at work, my fishen pardner and my best friend and I miss him every time I fish Boone he loved it and was one of the best fishermen on boone I know of.He always said Tim we need to fish some of them Tx out there .Well the lord has blessed me with 2 wins on Boone this year with a empty boat seat and Im going to try to make it 3 next Sat. :headbang:
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Congrats to Xpressman on the win an it was tuff

out thare today i got my fish early this morning

when the fog was thick as pea soup then got one more

short fish this afternoon on the bank were my fish were

earlier this week an last week but like Jammie said

that was yesterday an we fished today typical boone

load the boat one day nothen the next but still better than staying at home [bcfishin :poke:] good to see everybody again

an again Xpressman sorry for not letting you know bout

this site if your daddy was around he would hit me for it LOL

Ok guys lets see if we caint brake over at least a dozen

boats next month if we can i will have a ham sliced an make

biskets an ever body that has had one of my ham bisket

knows they are good an guys i haft to love yuall to get up

at 3 in the am to make biscuits an fry country ham.

so come on guys get out thare an fish these fun Tx.


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