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Classic Qualifiers

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I have compiled a list of the people who have qualified to fish the classic based on fishing at least 5 tournaments. Some of you are also eligible to buy-in 1 tournament if you have fished 4. In order to fish the classic both you and your partner must be qualified. Their will be no guests allowed to fish in the classic. The buy-in is done on a per person basis. The cost is $20 per person to buy in a tournament. This money goes directly into the pot for the classic. If you have fished 5 tournaments and your partner has only fished 4 the entry fee for the classic would be $60. If both of you have to buy-in the cost is $80. If both people are qualified the cost is $40.

I have tried to keep this list as accurate as possible but some people have changed their names or started fishing the trail as a guest then registered to become a member so if you have any questions please PM me and I will check the sign up book to verify any questions.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this years trail and I look forward to seeing you at the classic or on the trail next year. Again Thanks for the support.



2. PromaX

3. BlindHawg

4. GlitterRocket

5. Lunkersox3815

6. MtCarmelTriton

7. Cheetah166

8. Alumacraft09

9. TrackerTXW175

10. donnieshvac

11. tobybol

12. HDHoppy

13. TNSmallmouth

14. crankDB

15. Mountainman

16.Z521 Ranger

17. Stratos186

18. MWBrand

19. Bronzebackhuntr

20. Mayle

21. 97Astro

22. Butch

23. jason16

24. fisherman1488

25. justinTR

26. StratosRocket

27. salesrep06

Buy-In Eligible

1. Stratos20

2. 20iman

3. Dspats91

4. Catchemall

5. Jroller

6. Trton196

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