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? about 2 cycle oil.

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Don't own a 2-stroke anymore but when i did i always used quicksilver. All grades/viscosity oils are generally rated by API. Most 2-cycle oils are listed by TCW rating. The correct mix ratio is more important than anything. Too little mix and you lose top cylinder lubrication. Too much of a mix and plug fouling, carb/fuelinjector gumming starts. If yours calls for 40:1 mix it that way, if it calls for 50:1 , mix it that way. Most newer 2-strokes use auto-mix or auto-injection to put the correct amount in the fuel. That doesn't mean it is actually working like it should. Know plenty of folks that mix their own using the ratio chart for their outboard due to previous problems with auto-mix

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I only use opti oil in my merc. I know some guys run the premium plus but I don't think the cost of a rebuild is worth saving $5 a gallon on oil. The DFI oil is a synthetic oil. Premium Plus is a Synthetic Blend. I don't know that it makes a difference but I would rather be safe than sorry.

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MOST 2 strokes require any TCW-III grade oil, regardless of manufacturer.  MOST owners manuals will say something like "Yamaha reccommends the use of Yamalube oil OR a sufficient TCW-III replacement...."  The only exception to this that I am aware of is in the newer Merc Optimax & ProXS motors where DFI oil is REQUIRED. Use of anything other than DFI oil can result in voided warranty.

As far as fuel mileage, I know several guys that have e-tec's and swear they have excellent mileage. My Opti does very good. A friend & myself recently compared fuel consumption between his 2012 Yammie Sho & my 2011 OptiMax ProXS (both 250's) by running virtually the same routes while fishing a small tourney. I ran maybe 1/2-3/4 mile farther up river than he did, but at the end of the day, he had used about a gallon more than I did. I would also venture to say that his boat was loaded considerably lighter than mine. My point is this, with the advancements in 2 stroke technology (EFI, DFI, etc), its really a toss up whether to go 2 or 4 stroke in outboards today. Maintenence ona  4 stroke is a little higher, but 2 stroke oil is a little pricey too. In my situation, I use a gallon roughly every tank.....about 50 gallons of gas.

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