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Question about dropshot


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I have been studying dropshot fishing lately because I have had so many situations where I see suspended schools of fish on my graph and can't catch them. I think dropshotting might be the way to catch them but my question is do I need a really expensive depth finder to be able to do this effectively. I have a Humminbird 570DI which is a grayscale unit but it does have the capability to use a wide cone or a narrow cone to tell you what is directly under the transducer. I can also track a lure falling with it so my question is do you think this unit would be good enough for this kind of fishing or is it necessary to have a higher end unit?

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Not at all, I use an old eagle 640c and have used a eagle 320 also (b&w unit). They both work great, and while the color is nice it's not necessary. I set my ping speed at 75 (was told by a lowrance rep never to go over that because it will blow transducer fast) my sensitivity is at 75 also and I split the screen with full view and 2x zoom so I can see down deep better. Something I learned this year is to go below the top 10 ft so you don't get all the clutter. Here's a screen shot from soho last winter.


That produced this


And here's a really good video on the jighead technique using grubs like we use damikis


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Thanks for the help and the video Chris. I really want to learn to do this. I fish Martins Fork here in KY a lot and every time I fish in cold weather I find fish bunched up in the same place but I can't get a bite. I'm thinking I'll use some of the info you gave me and maybe try a gulp minnow on a dropshot and see if I can get bit.

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