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Battery update


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Just an update on the batteries that I reconditioned back in June. As my earlier post stated I poured out the old acid/water mix and put in some epsom salt and distilled water and let it sit over night and added new acid. The batteries came back from the "dead" and took and held a charge. One of the batteries was better than the other one from day one when I bought them. This is still the case but they still take a full charge and hold it for a days worth of fishing on the lake. I keep them plugged up to the onboard charger and about once a week I go and unplug them to keep them from boiling dry (which I have heard that isn't supposed to happen but it does). After about 3 days I go back and plug them back up for another round to keep them from going "dead" like they did before. So far so good so I will continue to keep up the cycle and hope for the best. B)

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