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Shotgun Question


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I am looking for a new grouse and woodcock shotgun. I have been using 4 different guns this season: a Stevens 350A Side by Side 12 gauge, a Remington Semi Auto 12 gauge, a Beretta Whitewing Over/Under 20 gauge, and a Winchester pump 20 gauge. I am looking around for a new gun because none of the ones I have been using really suit what I am looking for. All of the 12s are too heavy for the type of hunting I do (not to mention the bulk of the ammo), I don't like pumps for upland birds, and although the Beretta is awesome in terms of weight (a little over 6 pounds), I just don't like an over/under in the field (personal preference, please don't get offended haha).


The decision on gauge for a new gun was easy: I have decided on a 28 gauge because I feel like the 28 kills every bit as well as a 20, the guns come on lighter frames, you can carry a whole box of shells and not really notice them, and they are just different. I was wondering if any of you had any experience with the two guns I have pretty much narrowed it down to (things are tied at the moment). I am looking at either a CZ Bobwhite 28 gauge side by side, or at a Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe 28 gauge semi auto.  


I have some experience with the CZ. My hunting partner uses one, and both of us love that gun. It points well, carries easily, and is awesome on the eyes, not to mention that I love side by sides because of the shorter length with same length barrels, their looks, and two chokes in one gun. The CZ also comes with 5 choke tubes, and weighs a little over 6 pounds, and has a straight grip, which I also love. However, although his gun is perfect, apparently not all of the Bobwhites are. I have heard a lot of bad things about how some of them pattern, and I don't want to get stuck with someone else's lemon (the model is discontinued, so I would have to find a used gun). The Weatherby interests me because it weighs 5.5 pounds, which is a huge consideration fighting the thickets, mountains, and clearcuts I hunt. I just don't have a lot of experience with semi-autos, and some of my limited experience has been bad.


Has anyone used the Weatherby 28? I am wondering if it has a tendency to jam (as an example of my typical hunt, we walked nearly 9 miles in the snow and mountains today for two grouse flushes, and I want the gun to go bang when I finally get a shot). I also am wondering how difficult they are to clean and if they require cleaning every time you use them. I like to shoot with the guns I hunt with, meaning I will use it for clays and doves. Will I need to field clean during these types of high volume shoots, or can it wait until I get home? Thanks in advance for any info!

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I ordered a Weatherby PA-08 and it came in yesterday. I didn't get to put my hands on it before but after reading the reviews I decided to try one. I was disgusted with it from the first look. Cheapest feeling pump I've ever picked up. Luckily it was broken from the factory and he is sending it back and ordering me another Mossberg 20 gauge. Everything I own now is too heavy for my daughter to carry in the swamp.

I know you're looking at the SA so my above opinion is a different gun... Just a heads up to look over the Weatherby well and not go on other people's reviews. From the reviews I read I thought I was getting an awesome gun.... Not the case.

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OK....my $.02 is this: BUY THE CZ AND DONT LOOK BACK EVER!!!!!


Now, my experiences are based on CZ rimfires & pistols, so I can only say that if the shotguns are half the gun those are, youll have yourself one fine scattergun. I have a CZ .17HMR & have played with their .22lr & .17HM2 & a few pistols. All three are freakin sweet shooters. My .17 is a model 453 Varmint with a fluted bull barrel & single set trigger. I mounted a Nikon 6-18X40 on it & you can set it in sand bags and make one raggedy hole in the 10 ring at 75 yards. Literally, as long as you can hold it still, it will hit the exact same spot over & over.

The fit & finish on every CZ firearm I have ever seen is second to none.

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we all used Franchi autos when we grouse hunted.  everything gets heavy in the mountains.  i've come close to throwing away a heavy gun when trying to climb a mountain back the the truck.  if you want something real sweet, look at Benelli Ultralight.

you're right about Weatherby.  they've really gone down hill.  when they left japan, their quality suffered.

might want to consider price of ammo for the 28.  i don't know for sure but i thought it was a lot higher than 20.  and when i've killed myself climbing mountains, i want all the firepower i can carry when i get a chance at mr. grouse.

i'm gonna look at the CZs after what you all said about them.

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SilverFox, thanks for the warning. I have read nothing but glowing reviews about the SA-08, but have never handled one. I will not be ordering it...guess I will have to check it out for myself. MountainMan, the CZ side by sides look like they should cost 3 times what they do from a fit and finish standpoint. Unfortunately, some of the Bobwhites have a reputation to not shoot to point of aim, or anywhere in the same zip code. Although my buddies gun is flawless, I have heard of some that shoot as much as 18 inches high or low, and as much left or right, from point of aim. I have also heard of others that shoot one barrel here and another barrel way over there. It is hard enough for me to hit a grouse without having to do calculus before I shoot haha.


Moonlite, I have also looked at the Franchi 48 and the Benelli Ultralight. I have eliminated them because of price. I would love to have the Ultralight, even though I don't love the looks. Four pounds and twelve ounces would be an awesome thing to tote around. However, I don't have two grand to drop on one. In terms of ammo prices, you have to shop around, but you can find deals on good 28 ammo, especially in bulk. The little 28 is making a pretty sizeable comeback.


What I hope to do is actually get my hands on an SA-08 before I buy. I will not be buying a Weatherby without looking it over. I know when they originally started importing from Turkey they had a lot of problems with their whole line, but they are supposed to have fixed them. I will have to see how it handles and looks before I buy one. If I find a CZ, I will have to shoot it before I buy it.


Thanks for the input guys!

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Gosh I grew up hunting Ruffle tailed Grouse and some Woodcocks along with Pheasants and Quail in Southern Illinois back many years ago. Brings back a lot of fond memories of my childhood. As far as guns of today go I would not have a clue on what to tell you to buy as I have not bought a shotgun in 40+ years. Still have the ones I hunted with back then. I also shot Trap and Skeet about every other weekend. Back when I was doing some serious shooting I had 4 different shotgun I used. I have a 12 gauge Belgium Browning O/U with Maple Wood ventilated rib barrel and hydro/coil stock for Trap and Skeet. A Stevens 311 S/S which was my meat getter for Pheasants, Quail, Grouse, Rabbits and Ducks out of a blind over decoys. My pride and joy is my Winchester Model 12 Pump gun for which I have 3 different barrels for. One is 32 inch Full choke, 1 is 30 inch modified choke and last is 26 inch Improved cylinder and it is the pride of my shotgun fleet and last but not least I have a Charles Daley O/U 28 gauge which was my Skeet gun only and never saw any live game. All of these guns are 40+ years old and none of them could ever be considered lightweights.  I am enclosing a link to a gun site that I purchase at from time to time and I think they offer about the best selection of guns available a the best prices. You can shop about any and all shotguns made here. Hope it helps.


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