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Feb. 15 TX SOHO

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OK Fellas unless a major catastrophe comes we will be having this tournament. If you are planning on fishing please sign up and let us know. We will be having it on SOHO and hopefully not get iced out this time. I will be at the ramp around 7. We will be closing entries at 7:45 and blasting promptly at 8. The weigh in will be at 3PM. Just look for the black and gold Triton. That is where you will need to pay and get your blast off number. As of right now we plan on using the ramp at ObKnob water permitting. It is possible we will have to put in at 421. Please keep an eye on the site for further updates but as I said even if we have to change ramps we will be having this tournament. I hope a bunch of you winter fisherman can make it out. SoHo has been known to produce some monster smallies this time of year. Thanks.

1. MtCarmelTriton & MWBrand

2. tobybol & donnieshvac

3. BooneBandit122650 &

4. drewbear1987 & whitewolf

5. trackertxw175 & fisherman1488

6. emtwhetsel &

7. HDHoppy & TNSmallmouth

8. Hobbs & partner

9. Vafis & jklcoleman2

10. 97astro & partner

11. fisherman1989 & partner


After looking at the water levels and confirming it with some of the other guys it looks like we will be launching from the 421 ramp. It should be an interesting tournament if the weather stays warm and we have more warm rain.

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I'm willing to go early and work on the ramp if someone will bring salt or sand

The problem with salt or sand is it's only good for the first boat then it is washed into the lake. I am still watching the forecast but it isn't looking favorable. They are calling for rain changing to freezing rain then to snow for tonight. I had someone go by the ramp this morning and the parking lot is ice and the ramp still has about 4" of snow on it. The high tomorrow is 32 degrees with 10 to 15 mph winds. This is all subject to change but that was the report this morning. We will make the official call around 6PM. I will post on this thread and in my status update. Thanks guys for bearing with us. This global warming is putting a serious damper on my fishing.

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Guys i kno it wud be a long cold run but Washington co park parking lot and ramp is clear.. me and my dad put in there this morning waleye fishing.. i took some pics of the ramp and parking lot if anyone cares i can text them to you i dont know how i post them..but its good shape

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sorry guys a ya or nay  i haft to work we still got roads

in the mountains that we aint got to yet an those people 

want to get out i was hoping to get to show you guys

some big purdy holston brown fish maby next time





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