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EPA gives in on lead weights AGAIN

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Lots of us wrote in and it worked again. They tried this 14 years or so. Stopped them again..

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I think they tried high lead levels in waterfowl ?? But Softy and I wrote in and wore them down !!!! :headbang:

I know we didn't cut them any slack and showed no mercy in our letters along with about 45,000 other angers and fishermen and women. I think they now realize that Sportsmen and women are sick and tired of them sticking their nose in business that does not pertain to them and they need to stick to soft targets becuase Hunters and anglers are no longer soft targets. Now if we could get that same type of support on the E15 situation we could probably make the EPA back pedal on it also.............. :unsure::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

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these guys has to turn their concerns toward the real threat to americans and animals. the toxic threat is mostly produced by petroleum refining, which accounts for billions of pounds of pollutants in the air, water and land.next the US military is one of the biggest users/producers of toxic chemicals according to the national toxics campaign fund. what can anyone do to the petroleum industry or the worlds superpower? nothing. lead? i mean really.

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