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Transducer Installation


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Ok guys, I ordered a new unit today and I'm going to be installing the ducer in the bilge...I've tried it twice with previous units and it never get it to work quite right....

Any tips or tricks you guys can lend?

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This is from the Lowrance site.

< Shoot-Thru-Hull Mount

In this installation, the transducer is bonded to the inside of the hull with epoxy. Ideally, the transducer is placed in the aft third of the hull close to the centerline. The signal "shoots through" the hull with some loss of signal strength. This installation must be made in an area of the hull that is made from solid fiberglass, with no air bubbles or separated layers. If the hull is of multi-layer or "sandwich" construction, you will have to remove the inner layer of fiberglass and the wood or foam core to expose the outer layer of the hull. This type of mount is recommended only with 192 or 200 kHz transducers.

Only tip I can give is when you mis the epoxy, mix it slow so you wont make any air bubbles. Scuff the bottom of the transducer up a little so the epoxy will adhere better.

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My advice would be pay someone a few bucks to put it in that has done it several times for a living. I have tried doing it myself and I never got it to work either. That is why I pay to have mine put in and they always work great. You might talk to our new sponsor about putting it in. just my :2cents:

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Hey All,

I just bought a Humminbird 788C and want to get it installed in my Nitro 750nx.

Any suggestions on someone in Nashville area that could do this?



Chuck, if you will call me at 615-568-5229 I can give you the name of 3 different guys that can put that on for you here around Nashville.

Softy aka Doug

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