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Swimbait Combo

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before I start going WFO on tournament fishing again, I would like to get use to techniques that I either rarely use or just flat out don't use like drop shot, swimbaits, etc etc.. with warmer weather coming up i'd like to start throwing swimbaits but not sure where to start as far as combos go.. right now I would probably throw them on 7'0 MH with a 6.3:1 ratio.. me personally though, I don't like the idea of throwing a swimbait on that combo.. don't know why I just don't.. so with that said im all ears guys!!

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Question #1

What are you considering a swimbait? If you're talking basstrix then the combo you mentioned above will be perfect. If you're talking anything bigger you're gonna have to beef it up.

Question #2

Are you looking to throw the swimbait now? The key time periods to throw and get most bites on a swimmer is about passed, from my experience winter through prespawn is the best time period to throw a swimmer.

Question #3

What size line are you wanting to throw it on? I'd recommend 17+ for throwing it.

As far as the dropshot goes I'm still learning. It's a presentation that earns a LOT of bites. But I've had a problem hooking fish on it. It works all year long, spring, summer, fall, and winter.

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You can toss big swimbaits when they move deep in the heat of summer. Count em down To whatever depth they're at. Tossing those I'd go with a heavier rod and a lower ratio reel, similar to what you'd use on deep cranks but a stiffer rod.

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Me personally I've never liked throwin swimbait so I assume throw a crankbait just cause your hookup ratio is more likely in my opinion, some of the best advice that's been given to me is to fish what your confident in, your average angler knows where and what to be using spring,summer, fall and winter. Stick to your gut and use what you've caught fish on before. A lot of these pros and elite guys use swimbaits to locate fish half the time like Matt arey last weekend he was throwin a swimbait and watching them chase it then went in for the kill with another lure.

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you have a good point 423fishin.. im just trying to throw other stuff to gain more confidence than what I have now.. a lot of times the stuff I have total confidence in just doesn't work so I would to expand my arsenal!!

+1. There's a lot of stuff I have little confidence in and hate to throw, but always best to know how to use it. Never know when it might be the only thing that they want.
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Never know when it might be the only thing that they want.

And that right there is when you gain confidence in it.

I had about lost all confidence in a spinnerbait because I hadn't had a good day on one in years until the Watauga tourney a few weeks ago. And that's all they wanted there.

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In all honesty the most important part of any type of bait an angler might use, the most important thing that is always 1st to me is Confidence!!  If you don't have the confidence in a bait you have beat yourself before you ever start. I have learned many years ago that when you tie on a bait, tie it on with Confidence and most times you will produce fish with it.........jmho

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