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Went down and fished a while, coulnt get any fo the largemouth to play, so we settled into a Smallmouth pattern..ended up catching 10 on flukes, rooster tails, swimbait and a crankbait. Called it quits and ran back to the ramp and got under the bridge and the boat died, its a 94 tracker that i have brought out of retirement and still working out the bugs, so i was thinkin the worse..what could be next? Bro in law went back to squeeze the bulb and it was soft and wouldnt pump up to get hard...OUT OF GAS!! Thought for sure i had plenty in it, gas hand isnt working so i was thinkin it had 3 or 4 gallons in it, WRONG! It was bone dry. REALLY!!!!??? So we dropped the trolling motor and trolled back to the ramp, in the middle of a brief but wet rain shower...lucky we had some umbrellas with us, of course i got the purple one...haha. Got home and got to looking and didnt realize the boat has a 20 gallon tank on it, i was thinkin it was maybe 8 or 10 gallon. Thought it would get better MPG than it does...60 hp mercury.




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