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Ok fellas, I finally had enough of trying to paddle across an entire lake. Or like last time I took the Jon boat out with Wes, on a nice and steamy July day, watching him do a Cherokee war eagle dance from sitting on sunbaked aluminum. My nephew contacted me Saturday about this one- 94 Stratos 201 Pro XL, with a 225 Venom. Since a brand new boat was outta the question right now, realistically anyways, I decided to give this baby a go. It was a crazy day for me today, but I managed to make the arrangements, and pull the trigger on it. Hope to get some better pics for y’all, next time I’m home, and hopefully be back to donating money to the site tourneys again. Pretty stoked to finally be back in a bass rig. 

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Took a little more detailed look at the pics, Steve.  First thing to stand out is the deck layout - it hasn't changed much from Stratos to Triton.  Same-same w/ the lines and features on the ass-end.  Just no mistaking an Earl Bentz boat.

That motor has reputation of being a solid performer, very reliable.  It likes gas and oil but if it starts and runs without issue that wouldn't bother me.

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On 7/31/2018 at 10:55 AM, 31Airborne said:

Nice, Steve - congrats!  One of the best hulls ever built right there.

He aint lying!  Ive fished so many times out of one like that.  I am almost 100% sure thats the same boat I fished out of with Mr Niceguy from on Here several years ago.

Brownbass - Do you think this is Aaron's old boat?  It sure does look like it!!

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