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Well time is getting closer and son I will be packing up my bait pouring room for the big move. I think I told most of ya'll that after being here 19 years this month I will be packing things up and going to a knew home. My home should be ready to move into the 1st week of November so I have slowly began packing. A guy can sure accumulate a lot of junk in 19 years. Especially a Pack rat like me. As I have began my slow motion packing For every one piece of something I pack I throw a couple pieces of junk out. I have began finding things I have been looking for that I lost at least a couple years ago and bought another one of what ever it was so now I have two of what ever it was.

Anyway just want to let ya'll know that I will be packing up the bait pouring room the 1st week in October so if anyone needs baits you need to order them now. It will probably be mid to late spring of next year before I have another bait room set up and ready to pour again. If there is something you can't live without get it ordered, other wise it will be next Spring before you can get any again.


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Well I guess I better update folks on my future move. As of now it is on hold until further notice or at least till late Spring early Summer. Landlord can't make up his mind if he is even going to remodel my cottage at all and last week he said I may just be able to remain here. He may want me to stay here but since my son in law has spent a lot of funds remodeling my cottage behind their house and was busting every spare minute to get it ready for me I will be moving but landlord will find out when I give him a 30 day notice sometime between January and May. I gave my Tommy some breathing room and he can now take his time on my new home. I don't appreciate the landlord telling me to make plans to move and then just changing his mind on a whim after I make plans and Tommy begins busting butt to get me a place to move.

So I will still be making baits here till I move. I only need one thing from folks here. If you plan on ordering any baits from me I would appreciate it if you could kind of go through your tackle and see what you are going to order if anything and get with me as soon as you can so I know if I need to order any more material to fill the orders. I know of 2 folks here that have already contacted me here and I have 5 locals that have called me to tell me that they will be getting with me in January to place orders. I have some material on hand but probably not enough so any help from ya'll would be greatly appreciated on how much material I may need to order.

Thanks and have a Happy New Year

Doug     aka Softy  

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Doug, I will be getting a descent sized order together in the next week or so. Soon as I can get my crap together and see what I already have.... I'll send you an email later next week. I was sitting around a couple weeks ago trying to get ready for next year and was going to go fact you to see if you were back pouring. Glad I checked here first. Thanks, George.

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