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Black Friday results

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2018 Tnbf tournament was on lake Cherokee . We was met with 34 degree air temperature and we had 20 boats in this tournament . . We found  Cherokee to be very stingy with only 4 limits weighed in . I would like to thank glitterrocket , buckeye83, blindhawg , and hdhoppy for helping  me with the weigh in . Congrats to the winners and look for the classic post . 

1.buckeye83  and guest                 5          14.11.3 
2.tobybol  and donnieshvac          5           13.11.5
3. stratos and 21xd                         5           12.13.7
4.glitterrocket and blindhawg        5           12.2.5
5 critter01- guest wilder                 4            10.4.4
6whj812 and jamiedevers               4           10.3.7
7 tracker and spinflip                       4           9.13.8
8 294 stratos - rhb                             4          9.2.1
9 tnsmallmouth and hdhopy           4          9.10
10 basskicker and jigflipper               4          8.9.1
11 triton 196 and guest                   3           7.12.7      BIG FISH 4.11.9 
12 rzylkie and caleb2105                2           6.4.9
13 bigmike 102 and cory godsey   3          6.4.1
14 peck                                               2         5.7.4 
ronjr and  guest                                  1         10.0.3 trash fish 
rodknocker and triton173                dnw 
bigfoot and squarebill                      dnw 
ronjr  and guest                                 dnw 
mwatson and guest                         dnw
stevehtn                                             dnw 
dcokin and guest                              dnw

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All I can say about it was that it sure was a grind, I thought the sun was suppose to shine, the wind sure was a bear but we had fun. We ended up with 4 keepers and 6 short fish and a couple of opportunities for the 5th keeper that slipped away. Appreciate y'all running it today See ya at the Classic.

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U ain’t kidding jigflipper I was a grind for sure we caught a little cat fish an 2 stripe all the bites we had big difference from 2 weeks ago lol but we had fun playing with my new lowrances I’m in love with fish reveal on the down scan hole new world of seeing fish for me congratulations to the winners an all that caught fish

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