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HDS 5 gen 1 and 2

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I managed to get my hands on a pair of HDS 5's, one gen 1 and one gen 2. I already have an elite 7 hds at the console, the 7 has the basic chip card that comes in the kit. The 5's come with a platinum card, i am trying to decide how i want to do the mounting and what to put where. That's why i figured i would ask you guys, the units were previously flush mounted one at bow and one at the console. What i have in mind is leaving the 7 where it is and mounting the 5's on the bow, using one for a map and one for sonar. Thoughts and input?

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So after putting More thought into it and calling lowrance I have a new plan....I'm going to move the 7 up front so I have sonar and down scan at the bow, then I'm going to install one 5 at the console and one at the bow connected with Ethernet to share waypoints. As of now I'm looking to buy a bar and mounttthem side by side in front of the tm petal.. anybody have any recommendations to consider before I order the brackets?


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