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Welcome Flatrock


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Hello Flatrock,

Welcome to TN Bass Fishing. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. The more you participate, the better your experience here will be. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Flatrock joined on the 02/03/2019.

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Hello guys, been a rough 2019 on many levels that has carried over into 2020 but I will endure. 

Last yr has had a steep learning curve, also learning how to use a bait caster as well as learning how to operate a new Tracker and fish finder..  After battling a couple different brand reels, I've settled on a Lews Tournament MB as my go to reel.. I'm to the point where I was down to just one internal magnet and casting the spool empty with a practice plug with no issues.  Favorite rod is a Powell Inferno 7' MH Xfast  ...     I was learning how to pitch and flip before life took over..  not bad learning curve when you only get to touch your rod one week a month.    Almost sunk my tracker 175 TXW once when the over flow tubes were not setup correctly from the factory and the livewell over flow was flooding the hull.  That was resolved to never happen again and my go to lake is Center Hill..  

I fished 6 catfish tourn only to be the only person to not catch a single catfish...   However my last fish of the yr was a 5.25 lb CF on CH trolling for bass... which was my PB fish for the yr... Bass 3.5 lbs.   So as a whole it has been an interesting yr. 

So anyhow that is it in a nut shell...  I've been dealing with my fathers estate and have discovered he was quite the fly fisherman..  I think this yr I just might experiment with fly fishing off the bow of the boat, maybe for crappie or something.

2019-10-06 09.03.36.jpg

CH 2 Bass.jpg

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