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Current Fishing Update on the wick


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 If you fish Pickwick... Mr Lou Williams gives a great report each week on FB.  I went ahead and copied and paste  his most recent post. I hope this helps. Let me know if y’all are finding that this is accurate or maybe you are catching them a different way. 


Pickwick Lake elevations & generation flows:
4/18—412.99—91,158 cfs
4/19—413.11—72,448 cfs
4/20—43.50 —72,980 cfs
Surface temps: 67 to 68 degrees
Water clarity: clear to slight stain.

Well, not much has changed since last week’s update, except for maybe a few more fish getting on beds and a few more fish getting off beds. There is still more left to lock on of course. I would think that by the end of next week the majority will have finished their Motherly duties for this year. A reminder from last weeks post, that the main lake spawners will normally hit their beds after the larger nurseries in the flats have completed their spawn. The reason being they have transitioned out of deeper water.
It will take a little longer for the fish to become very aggressive after the spawn than they were before the spawn, as a little rest period is now in order. Suspending up in the water column is normal, especially on points as they recoup. Your choice of baits would call for offerings that stay at least half way up in the water column. A jerk bait would be a prime example. They will eat, but they won’t chase or react if there is any distance involved.
You will begin to find more fish on points, underwater humps and straight banks as they progress in their transition back to deeper water. Once located, you won’t have any problem getting them fired up. They will be ready to gorge again.
They will have staging areas as they head to deeper water just as they did on their way to the nursery. However, their urgency to get where they want to go will be at a much slower pace. Some fish will stay in fairly shallow water while others will continue to much deeper water. Their pace will depend on how quickly the surface temps get out of their comfort zone.
We have another cool down on the way, but not a severe change in air temps. It will still effect the surface temps to some degree. This early unstable weather calls for patience with your offering. Right now, they are wanting it slow. Reaction baits have not worked well for us in the last week or so. Carolina rigged craws or worms have been fair, but the Ned rigged TRD has been our number 1 bait.
The more quality fish in the 5 lb. class and up have been hard to locate and bite, except for a few that have been caught on spawning flats just before locking on or maybe right after spawning. This will only get better as the weather stabilizes, wake elevations stabilizes and the spawning for this year is complete.
I look forward to the next couple of weeks as the spawning wanes and we can get back in to throwing reaction baits like spinnerbaits, cranks and swimbaits, just to name a few. I know the fronts are a given, but they have been one right after the other, making for some tough days on the water. I’m also looking forward to a good grass year. Not sure what happen to Ky. Lake’s grass. Just hoping we are destined for the same fate.  

Fish safely and good luck……

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