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Looking for some good fishing on small rivers and creeks that I could float in a kayak or even wade in I live in Sparta Tennessee. only two decent rivers I’ve found with plenty of good fish are calf killer and the Collins in McMinnville. just looking for new places to explore any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks 


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welcome aboard!  lots of tributaries/creeks feeding into center hill.  while I wouldn't take a 'yak onto the main lake, I believe you'll find lots of safe fishing area in the backwater regions.  in fact, you'll have ready access to areas tin and glas boats can't go.

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On 6/7/2019 at 3:12 PM, whj812 said:

That Collins River is something else!  I went out there with an old member of the site named Bubba and fished for Musky.  That whole place looked amazing for fishing!

Ole Bubba, ain't seen or heard from him since I took him to Canada a few years back, put him on his first walleye and pike. He still stays in contact with my son of the book of faces

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