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2019 Classic Location and Sign-up

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After receiving all the votes the totals for the location of the 2019 TNBF Classic have been tallied and the location has been decided. This year's classic will be fished on Douglas Lake from the Dandrige ramp. The totals were 12 votes for Douglas, 5 for Boone, 0 for SoHo, and 2 no votes. Thanks to everyone for the quick response. We will blast at safe light and fish until 4:00pm. All participants must have fished 5 TNBF tournaments or fished 4 and buy-in one tournament. Below is the list of who we have listed as qualified. Please sign up on this thread if you plan to fish. If you are fishing with a partner both anglers must be qualified to participate.


HDHoppy & TNSmallmouth

MtCarmelBugMan & Alumacraft09

Rodknocker & Triton173

BulletDeuce & PromaX

TrackerTXW175 & SpinFlip +$20

Buckeye83 & Hatfield75


Tobybol & DonniesHVAC +$20


Buy-in Eligible






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On 12/4/2019 at 5:24 PM, Peck said:

I'm in. 

I have fished 5 this year, 4 regular plus black Friday. I should be qualified without having to buy in 1?

Looks that way to me also. According to the results, you have 5- #1 Boone, #2 Cherokee, #4 Ft Pat, #5 Douglas and the Black Friday TX. I count 5. Someone on the TX committee should adjust this.

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