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2020 TNBassfishing Schedule

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Sorry it has taken a while to get things under way but this year has started out rough for me. This is the 10th year that I have been involved with this trail. We have some great members that fish with us and the banter at the ramp pre and post tournament is always a blast. There is no membership fees to join the trail just sign up on the website and pay your entry fee at the ramp. As long as you fish 5 tournaments you are qualified for the classic. You can fish 4 tournaments and buy in one tournament to qualify as well. We will have angler of the year awards as well as classic champions. I would like to encourage you to check out the rules and format posts for more information. If you are looking for a fun trail to fish we invite you to come out and join us. Tight lines and we hope to see you on the water.


March 7   Cherokee---SL-4pm---Boat Launch Rd

March 28 Boone----SL-4pm----TVA

April 18  SoHo------SL-4pm-----ObKnob

May 2  Douglas-----SL-4pm----Dandrige

May 30  Cherokee-----SL-4pm-----Quarryville

June 27 Boone Night-----7pm-3am-----TVA

July 18 SoHo Night-------7pm-3am----ObKnob

Sept 12 Cherokee Night------7pm-3am------25E

Oct 10 Boone-------SL-4pm------TVA

Nov 7 Douglas------SL-4pm------Dandrige

Nov 27 Black Friday Cherokee-----SL-4pm---25E

Dec 12 Classic -----SL-4pm--- TBD


Tell everyone you know to come out and fish with us. The rules and points for AOY and the rules will remain the same for this season. I would really like to have over 20 boats for every tournament this year. Let's spread the word and make it happen. Thanks for all the support you all have given TNBassfishing.com in the past and we hope to make this year bigger and better than ever.

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Hats off to the tournament committee. Good looking schedule. As far as Ft Suck goes, I've been an advocate for ditching that pond for years. I know it can be a good fishery, but I've apparently never been on it at one of those times. Boat numbers wise, it's sad to me to see our trail to the point where 15 boats on Ft Pat is considered good turn out. Once upon a time, we were having 25-30 boats per event, typically on Cherokee, Boone, Douglas & Holston. I sure would like to see it get back to that point.

Good schedule guys. I hope to make a few of them.

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2 hours ago, Buckeye83 said:

I’m ready to get on the water and fish with everyone!!! Tell everyone you know!! There are a great bunch of guys on this trail and we always could use a few more!!! Hopefully we will see everyone on Cherokee March 7th!!!!!

Heck yeah, Matt. Me too

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Oh yeah I’m sad about ft pat  not being on their but it is what it is I’m ready to fish with everyone to been a good winter tho started coonhunting again this winter having a blast but ready to hit the water gonna fish my first Morristown marine tournament coming up but I’ll be their to fish with you guys an pops will to 

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