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2020 TNBF Trail Rules

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The following rules are in place and will apply for the entire 2020 tournament season.

PLEASE NOTE: By participating in any TNBF event, participant assumes all liabilities. TNBF.com will NOT be held responsible for any damages, losses or other violations incurred during an event. A liability release form is required by all participants prior to competing in any TNBF event.

1. Coast Guard approved PFD's must be worn at all times the boat is on plane.

2. Kill switches must be attached to driver at all times the boat is on plane.
3. No more than a 6 fish limit can be in possession anytime there are 2 participants in one boat. If fishing alone, state possession limits apply & only 5 fish may be in possession at any time. Only 5 fish shall be transported back to the weigh in site. NO culling at the ramp.
All culling must be done on the lake before your boat is loaded onto the trailer. Culling in the parking lot will result in disqualification for the event.
4. All participants MUST be at the ramp PRIOR to the tournament start time to check in & draw a blast off number; no late starts will be allowed. If you do not sign up for the tournament on the web site prior to tourney day, you will be added to the blast off order on a first come, first serve basis. Trailering from the tournament launch site to any other ramp/launch after check in is not permitted.
5. At least 1 angler per boat MUST be a member in good standing on TNBassFishing.com and MUST have been a registered member with the web site PRIOR to tournament day.
6. TNBassFishing.Com reserves the right to deny entry into any tournament.
7. Lake size limits will be enforced with a minimum size limit of 12" on spotted bass. If no limit on largemouth and smallmouth are noted then a minimum of 12" will be the minimum size requirement of each species.
8. No dead fish or short fish will be allowed to be weighed in.
9. Consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs, prior to and during tournament hours, is prohibited.
10. Live wells will be inspected in the parking lot at registration by tournament committee members prior to blast off. The blast off boat(s) will be the highest drawing tournament committee member's boat. During blast off, all competitor boats will IDLE SLOWLY past the blast off boat. The area immediately surrounding the blast off boat is considered a NO WAKE ZONE!
11. Any protests need to be made to a tournament committee member within 30 minutes of weigh-in completion. Protestors will be asked to sign a written statement presenting their claim.
12. A tournament committee will consist of one or more current members of the TNBF Tournament Committee and/or present TNBF Administrators and/or Moderators; any decisions made by the Tournament Committee are final.
13. A minimum of 5 tournaments fished will qualify a member for the Classic event in December 2019. Participants who have fished 4 events will have the option to "buy in" to the Classic. Only those qualified may fish in the classic. You do not have to stay through weigh in however you must begin the tournament in order to be classified as a participant.
14. All participants shall observe high standards of ethics, sportsmanship and personal conduct. They shall obey all of the laws, and the authorities having jurisdiction in the tournament area. Any contestant caught cheating will be immediately & permanently disqualified from any and all TNBassFishing.com events.
15. All competitors must check in with tournament officials at the official check-in site by the announced finish time. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of .50 pounds per minute. Tardiness of 15 minutes or more will result in disqualification and total loss of weight. No Exceptions.
16. All ties will be determined first by the number of fish weighed, then the biggest fish weighed in, and then by the flip of a coin.
17. Tournament entry fee for 2018 will be $40. $5 goes to Big Fish pot & $5 goes toward Classic pot. Payout will be based on participation and we will pay out 1 place for every 7 boats.
18. In the interest of safety, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to delay or cancel blast off due to weather.
19. Only artificial lures with the exception of pork trailers may be used. All bass must be caught in a legal sporting manner, NO SNAGGING. Only one (1) rod may be used at any time. No trolling is allowed.

20. All participants MUST have a functional weigh bag. All fish must be carried in this weigh bag from participants livewell to the weigh table & from weigh table to release the fish. Fish not in weigh bags will NOT be weighed. Fish care is very important to us.  After weighing your fish they are to be released in a humane and ethical fashion. Anyone caught mishandling fish could be disqualified and asked not to fish in other events.

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