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Bait business sold!!!

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Well some of ya'll knew I had the bait business up for sale and I was shocked when I received an email and the business sold Last Friday and it is all packed up and will be leaving here this Friday. I want to thank everyone for the many years of buying and using my baits but it had to go. I stopped getting any orders and when I finally got one from a local guy for 300 baits, I should have been able to do that order in one day. It took me 3 days and I could not get in a rhythm to pour them. That told me it needed to go so it's gone. Mountain man needs to close that post he has pinned and delete it. Again thanks to all of you for a great 20 years of using my baits.

    Doug         aka softbaitmaker 

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The end of one era generally means the beginning of another. The future might not be all that bad. 

That said, it’s not surprising to find that Doug engenders the same warm feelings wherever he goes. He’s an awesome dude. 

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I have to admit I was pleasantly  surprised to see Chucktshoes posting here. I guess I will introduce him. Chuck is the person that purchased my bait business and very soon he will be pouring baits once he has the concept down and is ready to make baits for the public. Like me back when I first began it took me about 3 months and a lot of practice and trials and errors to get it down before I could feel comfortable selling to the public. Once I did the rest is history that many of you here are familiar with since many of you have been using my baits for years. I'm sure that once Chuck gets in the swing of making baits he will probably be looking to folks here to use his baits. Please show him the same appreciation and courtesy  you did me and get some baits from him like you did me. He is a great guy and loves fishing and firearms and I think he will fit right in here.

Softy    Doug  aka softbaitmaker 

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Well the bait business went to it's new home in West Tennessee yesterday and the guy that bought it is a great guy for sure and I think before long he will be making great baits. I will be helping him all through the process so he will be producing some great baits. I just want to thank all of you for your loyalty over the last 20+ years and hope that you can show Chuck the same once he is ready to go public.


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