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Whopper Ploppers


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Has anyone else had the pleasure of chucking these.

My son bought me a couple and gave them to me for my birthday, used one for the first time last weekend and it was awesome. Bait can be used in multiple ways and the action is great

Caught a couple quality fish and had a few other blowups


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12 minutes ago, BulletDeuce said:

They work Phil. Doesn’t seem to matter the body of water you chuck em on either.

A lot of baits and technics I use are old school, been complacent and I'm trying to start expanding into different baits and technics. This weekend I'm going to try my hand at drop shotting.

The lake I fish is clear water with a lot of weeds, I was very surprised on how well the WP'S worked with minimal weed fowls.

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7 hours ago, Buckeye83 said:

Nice fish Phill. 

I’m with Rusty on zeroing with the WP but I haven’t throwing it much. I’ve heard a lot of people catch the heck of fish on it though. Glad you are trying new baits too.

I fish up in the rivers full of grass a lot, that plug doesn’t like floating veg.  my buddies do ok with the tiny models for smallmouth 

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Caught another ten the last two mornings. Fish were real aggressive yesterday, this morning I had to really tease them, twitching with real long pauses. All of them hit the bait while it was sitting still





On 8/13/2020 at 3:57 PM, rusty50576 said:

Well you can have mine then! Haha I prefer a buzzbait. I’ve wasted more than enough time with the whopper plopper 

Rusty the buzz bait was my favorite topwater, I could always count on a couple fish working weedbeds early but for some reason I've zeroed most of the time this season on them.

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The plopper bite is about to get going soon. When the winter draw down starts, they'll start biting it more & more. They are good because you cover alot of water when throwing one. I think i have about 20 of them in different sizes & models. I like the berkley choppo quite well. 

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