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Ohio Deer Hunting 2020


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We came up at a good timing this year. Came in on Friday the 6th and hung stands. We had bucks chasing Saturday morning an bucks on there feet in the evening just never close enough to get a shot. Sunday morning had a shooter chasing a doe 60 yards below me then had a 4 point chase 2 does under my stand about 20 minutes later. Didn’t have any action that evening. Monday morning had a doe being chase by 4 bucks, one good shooter but was further down the ridge. No action that evening. 
Tuesday morning started off the same as Monday with 1 doe being chased by 4 bucks. The bigger buck was running the others off. They all ran over the top of the ridge. About 30 minutes later that doe came over the ridge 15 yards in front of me and the bigger buck was on her tale. He circled her back up the ridge and gave me a shot at 35 yards and I stuck him. He’s the my PB and I’m glad to be bringing him back to Tennessee to hang on the wall. 
the rut is on heavy and 2 other guys with me both missed giant’s yesterday. We’ve never hit the rut right until this year and man it’s been exciting!! 
He’s a 10 point with a 17-3/8” inside spread. I’ll add pics when I have better service. 


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13 hours ago, Whopper said:

Congrats Matt, been wondering how you were making out. My daughter hit a buck the other night chasing a doe, really messed up the front of her SUV and the buck ran off

Thanks for sharing

those suckers are out everywhere up there. Hope she’s alright!
The weather didn’t help us much. It was this first time I’ve ever deer hunted in Ohio in a T-shirt for 3 evenings while I was there. It was 72 to 78 degrees 4 days last week. Had frogs out and actually walked up on a Gardner snake. 

thanks Jaime!!

13 hours ago, Whopper said:
23 hours ago, BulletDeuce said:

What a moose! That’s a dang good deer Matt. You measured him out yet?

thanks Wes. No. I’ve never totally  measured one before. I’m guessing he’s 120” deer. He was actually 17-1/2 inside me 19-3/4 outside with roughly 23” main beams. 

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