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May 22nd 5th Stop of the year Fort Pat Henry sign up

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The 5th stop of the year comes to downtown Kingsport  Fort Patrick Henry May 22nd Safe light until 2:30pm . Look forward to seeing some new faces . Please check back Friday for more info . Thanks Chris 

1. Pops-Tnsmallmouth 

2. Alight445- huff 

3. MikeHarr32 & guest

4. Peck

5. Phoenix719 & guest

6. Btip & guest

7. Bullet14 & CrankyJacob

8. Basskicker & Jigflipper

9. 294 stratos

 10. JKC67 & guest

11. HenryandBJ




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I will be at the ramp by 5am . White tundra . Cut off for paying will be at 6am . We will blast off as soon as possible .Do to the weather and keeping your catch alive we will weigh in at 230 . Sl- 230. Safe travels Thanks Chris 

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On 5/18/2021 at 6:34 PM, Jamie De Vera said:

End of the month inventory for us so unfortunately I'm gonna have to miss this one. Of course things COULD change. 😁😎

that sounds like you might have to call in to work sick that day!😆

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