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6th stop June 18 Cherokee Lake cancelled

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Looking forward to June 18th on Cherokee lake . Ramp quarryville boat ramp 7pm 2am . Tell your buddies and let’s fish .check back Thursday for any updates . 

1. pops - tnsmallmouth 

2. Hatfield75 & Buckeye83


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I have fished this club for 7 years or so . Best club I have ever fished with . Bs starts  and hour before and last to an hour after the tournament . I have seen guys struggle and guys give them baits to fish  with to get their limit . Not one time did I worry if the next boat was cheating or not . It’s sad to say this tournament is canceled due to participation .  We understood taking a chance for Friday night tournament , but we wanted to free you the weekend for family . This is your club we need participation for it to continue . Let’s fish Chris 

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1 hour ago, tnsmallmouth said:

I understand Ross .  It  just stinks nobody wants to fish .  I always enjoyed this trail because rodeos always started late in the year and  end early because of hunting . But it is what it is . 

I've fished with three other clubs that have folded over the last two years because of declining participation

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Me and Jigflipper where planning on fishing if we could have got off work early enough. Wouldn't have know for sure until this afternoon.  Might fish Boone or Watauga now, been a long time since I've just been fun fishing and not on a clock. I always have a blast fishing with you guys and I hope this trail continues. Tight lines fellows . 

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It’s tough to work the schedule out that misses so many different small and bigger tournaments and with all the rodeos going on 5 nights a week on every lake. Like Chris said, the thoughts behind the Friday night tournament was just trying to give folks the opportunity to rest up and enjoy the rest of the weekend and make it a little easier on the folks that go to church Sunday morning. Hopefully we SoHo next month will have a better turnout. 
In saying all that, I still feel good about our club! We haven’t had a large turnout for night tournaments for a while. We usually have better turnouts for our spring tournaments than we did this year but I am very optimistic and think we still have a strong enough core to keep this thing going for years to come. We really just need the core to keep coming and and we need to see some new faces!!! Get the word out there if you can. I’m good with donating to all of you and good donating to new faces as well haha. 

but like basskicker said, with no tournament Friday night, TJ and I are heading to Beech Creek to see if one of those giants will eat a night time blade or a big worm!! He’s going to try out that big rat too. Come on out if you feel like it!! 

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