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omc trolling motor switch

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i traded around and got an omc trolling motor and the guy said it worked but i tried it out and the momentary switch and the 12/24 switches are both bad. I can find the 12/24 switch but not the momentary switch for the on off switch. The part number is 0397985 but the website that i saw that had these said that this switch is obsolete. Could i use a heavy momentary switch for something else or am i just out? Or do any of you guys have any laying around?

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Those old OMC trolling motors have a lot of things going for them. I have the biggest, strongest model they ever built and that thing is a beast. I like them because they are quietest, smoothest trolling motor ever built, and they last forever if you are willing to do a little work on them. I actually took a relatively new Minn Kota off my boat to replace it with the OMC. Another good thing is you can get parts for them.

On the negative side, you might as well change the steering cable every January because they will break (that is the weak link on those things), and you can count on needing a new tension cable every 18 to 24 months. I have also heard of some people having problems with the switches. Also, although they are still out there, the parts are getting harder to find, and of course they are getting more expensive.

Hope John can help you out!

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@moonlite i do believe that is the major difference is the length of the paddle. Thanks for you help lunker hunter, i got busy yesterday afternoon and never had the chance to call him. I am going to do that this afternoon. I have found a couple of switches but they are really high. I know its an obsolete part and that is the way it is but i am going to see where i can get the best deal.

I may have even fixed the switch that was on the motor to begin with. I just need to hook it up and see.

Thanks for all of the help

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Hi Guys:


I know this thread is OLD.  But I have a 1996 OMC with a broken on/off switch that's obsolete.  Thanks for at least putting me on the trail for a replacement.  For the benefit of anyone who might need to look for one of these, I finally found a compatible replacement.  I got it from Ryder Fleet Products online.  It is s Cole Hersee switch, part number 55021-08.  It is a single pole double throw ("SPDT"). same size on the collar, and also has the alignment groove.  Believe it or not, the paddle is actually longer than the paddle on the OMC switch was.  But this one works great.  Also rated for 25 amps at 12 volts.  Here's a link:

55021-08 Product Detail

Cole Hersee Toggle Switch Long Handle 55021-08


$7.21 versus a brand new troller.  What a deal!

Thanks Again.


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i just ordered several for my old motors.

after fishing with other people lately, i will never give up my omc trollers.

i never seen so many heavy, noisy, clanking bracket trolling motors that i'm not willing to use.

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