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fiberglass work

Jamie De Vera

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anyone know anybody?? lol. the family got caught up in a storm on douglas last july. we took cover under a dock but we couldnt hide from the wind. my rig took the brunt of it and i've got a spot in the rear where the fiberglass is actually showing. i've already talked to insurance and my old marine shop but after looking around my whole rig, my thought is to tear the carpet up, remove EVERYTHING and try to get some of the holes patched up and gel coat looking new. i know it's gonna hurt the wallet but gotta do what you gotta do lol. just wonder if there is any place around that specializes in restoration of the sort. TIA!

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Just saw this. Sorry can't help ya Jamie, unless you want to bring it north lol. Picked up the SeaRay out of storage last weekend, don't know what happened but I have a six inch gouge on the gelcoat all the way down to the fiberglass below normal waterline draft. Calls to about 15 different people and finally found a guy at the lake that will have it fixed and done before our docks go in, which should be in three to four weeks. My other boat is finally done👍, just got to get water tested

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23 hours ago, BulletDeuce said:

I’ve heard great things about Smokey Mountain Marine and Fiberglass Technologies. Kevin is who was recommended for me when I was looking at having some holes patched on my old boat. Plus, he’s the son of Chub who builds Stroker’s.

Sorry. It was Kevin Bryant with Smoky Mountain Boat Repair in Vonore. He does excellent work.

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