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Had an old Rod Builder


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I had one of my old custom rod builders stop by the house to order some baits the other day and we were standing out by my boat. He reached over and picked up one of the rods snoot had built for me. He pitched a few times with the bait on it and said pretty nice Rod, feels real good and has a good balance to it. This guy had made rods for 40 years and just quit about two years ago. I asked him why he quit building rods and he said rod building material had gone out of site and blanks like the ones on my rod are no longer around. Does anyone know if Rain Shadow Blanks have been discontinued? He is the first person I have had tell me that. He said afordable good quality blanks will cost a rod builder an arm and a leg to get now. He said when Shimano went into the rod business they about killed the Custom rod builders because rod blanks got to high to get and make any type of profit on them.

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Rainshadow blanks are now made in China. The older ones were Made In The USA. That is probably what he is referring to.

Yea your probably right. But isn't everything made in China these days?.............. :angry::angry::angry: I don't know why we are not being force to learn the Chinese language as before long China will own the ground we walk on...... :angry::angry::angry:

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