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"Fishing With A Soldier"

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"Fishing With A Soldier" REPORT & Pics

Good morning Tennessee Bass Fishing

Let me start by saying "Thank You" to everyone who gave of their time and equipment to support this event. With the feed back I have gotten so far from Boater's, Soldier's, and Veteran's ... This event was a HUGE success. Everyone seem to enjoy themselves. I believe we ended up with 37-38 volunteer boaters .... and about 34 Soldier's & Veteran's. I was extreamly pleased with the over all results of this event, considering it was our first attempt. My biggest and only let down of the day was the fact the we had 4 boats with no soldiers or veterans to put on them .... but everyone understood and was very good about it. Janet Parker was such a sweetheart ... and very accessable ... and took time to talk and take pictures with everyone who wanted to see her. The Patriot Guard Riders and Shiloh Riders did an outstanding job getting there on time, preparing all of the food ... and serving everyone .... Hats Off To ALL of You.

As for my three co-chairmen ... Mr Donnie Gill, SFC Garry Harris (Toadslinger), & Mrs. Deb McKay They were nothing short of OUTSTANDING !!!! In my opinion, this event would have never been the success it was without them ... In fact I doubt if the event would have even gotten off the ground. They worked long tireless hours during the past several weeks ... right up to the night before the event, when Toadslinger was out putting up direction signs until about 11 PM ..... and then we had to do last minute computer work generating boater listes and downloading TWRA one day fishing license's for our Soldier'sand Veteran's .... and didn't get to bed till after 1 AM with a wake up call of 5 AM in order to get to the boat ramp by 6 AM

Alot of the boaters wives just jumped right in ... and did what ever was neccessary .... to make sure everything went smoothly .... Three off the top of my head was 520vsx's wife Tammy and my wife Betty, and Toadslingers wife Sabina They were OUTSTANDING ..... Thank You.

There is a post under "Fishing With A Soldier" from me asking for feed back Good, Bad, or Indifferent and what we can do next year to make this event even better .... Please take time to go look, read, and leave your thoughts and comments. There WILL be a "Fishing With A Soldier 2" in 2012 Watts Bar has been suggested as a location.

Thank all of you so much again ..... :rocks:


Sponsors Thank You Banner


Professional Bass Pro Janet Parker w/ SF Big Dog




3 co-chairpersons SFC Gary Harris, Donnie Gill, & Deb McKay w/ SF Big Dog vfb1jb.jpg


SF Big Dog / Rich

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I am very glad your idea was a very good success Rich. I will be making the one in 2012 if I am alive and healthy. Glad to see all the help that stepped up to the plate for our troops. Again Congrads on the outting and success.... :thumbsup2::thumbsup2:

Good afternoon Doug

And Thank You for your kind comments .... and Thank You for Janet Parker .... She is a sweatheart ... such a wonderful person to talk to and be around. And VERY accessable ... she had pictures taken with people and would stay and talk with ANYONE who wanted to talk to her. Hope we can get her next year. I enjoyed doing this .... and by ALL measures, it was a huge succeess ... but it just would not have happened without my co-chairmen :applause: ... and ALL the boater volunteers :thumbsup2: who took time away from their families, and supported this project with their time and equipment... and spent time with Soldier's and Veteran's. JUST OUTSTANDING !!!!! Will be PMing you soon.

Thanks for everything buddy

Your Friend .... Rich

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