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Has anyone had luck with BassPro The Egg?


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I'm new to fishing. And boat-less. As such I've been fishing spinners off the shoreline and having some luck. I've been reading a lot about crankbaits and it seems to me that they're more effective from a boat (in slightly deeper water). I came accross Bass Pro Shops® XPS® Lazer Eye Nitro™ Extreme® The Egg (, and am curious to see if any ones had any luck with them or can recommend a good alternative.


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I'm new to fishing. And boat-less.

:wavesmile: we have one member on her that goes by R-Boat-less......And Boat-Less is another good one.....

have never heard of the Egg.....but interested to hear about it..... :popcorn:

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I have a couple that I used to use for bank fishing down on the Cumberland river here in Nashville. I could catch some nice spots close to the shore off a sandbar flat by the Titan's stadium with them in sexy shad and red craw colors. They are great crankbaits for the money but do not run deep at all, maybe one foot. You can actually slow roll them and almost make it a wake bait. If you are fishing extremely shallow waters, these would be a great crank to use.

The constant struggle with bank fishing, or any fishing for that matter, is the heartache of losing lures - especially once you start losing $5-$10 crankbaits. The egg will hardly ever get hung up on bottom where you can't get it out since it does dive so shallow. The disadvantage to this is when your fishing water with some depth off of the bank, your not getting the lure in the strike zone of deeper waters. My best advice for cranking from the bank is utilize the shallow runner and if your not getting bit, tie on a medium running 6-8ft crank and be mindful of the water depth. Let the lure be your depth finder, use your rod tip position and retrieve speed accordingly and you'll keep alot more crankbaits tied on than broke off. Every time I think I've hung a crank up, I always give it about 5 seconds then try to reel it back in. 80% of the time the lure floats out of whatever it was hung on and i'm back in business. I love the bandit 200 series for price and performance. You'll loose some lures, but you'll catch some fish too. Where/what type of water are you fishing?

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So, I picked up a few of these at BassPro on the way out to Old Hickory tonight. They almost look like painted ping-pong balls, but they seem to work well for us. AND, the price is right! My wife hooked a bass about 15 casts in with the XXX SHAD color, and I caught a nice size bass on my 2nd cast with the TN BLEEDING SHAD color. Then came a few mishaps with the treble hooks getting fouled up in our net, and my wife having issues with her reel. After 30 minutes or so of figuring those things out the fish stopped biting. Looking forward to next time though.

bhwakeboarder, thank you for the tips! As a beginner that kind of info is great.

Mountainman, I'll check out the Sr5 Shad Rap.

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