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Gps units.


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I have been running an older gray line 162 Garmin for past several years. Last Spring I got a great buy on a 172C garmin unit with the chip for $125.00 and it has been setting in bait room since I bought it. I took it last week when we went to priest and powered it up off power plug adapter since it has built in antenna. It looked kind neat and has great imaging and shows great contour lines. Just need to learn what different colors of bottom mean. Didn't come with manual. I'm going to look and see if I can get a download off the computer on how it operates and what the screens show. I went on an installed it because it has the chip which already has Guntersville on it and now I don't have to down load the lake on my old unit from Map Source. Wanted to get it installed and using it before we go down in October.

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In adobe with the manual pulled up, go to file, print. There should be a section that says "page range", then you select the button next to "pages". You will be able to enter for example, "10-15" or whatever range you want, then hit print and it will only print that specific page range.

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