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This looks like a great site! I would love to find some good (or GREAT) largemouth lakes near Nashville. I'm not against traveling to get to the good spots, though - some of my favorites are Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina (especially those "hidden" farm ponds that don't see much action). I have lived in Tennessee for 7 years, but my job here keeps my very busy, and I just haven't found a local lake that I'm comfortable with. I don't currently have a boat, so I need tips on lakes/locations where bank fishing can be productive. I also prefer live bait (minnows/shiners), but have some skills with rubber worms and spinner baits. Some of my buddies in the Eastern part of the state (Knoxville area) have boats, and are always trying to get me over there. I also like to eat fresh bass and have several great recepies, but if the action gets hot and heavy, I also practice catch and release. My biggest fish came from Rodman Reservoior (lake Oklawaha) in central Florida in late Feburary. I hade it "table" mounted so it looked like it was jumping out of the water, but a friend lost it when our Florida fish camp ran into financial difficulties. I look forward to keeping up with the hot tips, but must admit, I'm a bit sceptical of eating fish from the Tennessee River. If anyone has any ideas, please respond, and thanks for having me as a new member!

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